Express Debit APIs

What are Express Debit APIs?

Our APIs allow merchants or merchant’s customers (aka recipients) to initiate customized Interac
e-transfer payments to each other. Payments are created through backend sessions which supply a live payment link to your system. Depending on your user interface and the use case, the payment link can be displayed as a clickable button, QR code, short code, or a link (in a text message).

How Does Express Debit APIs Work?

Our APIs provide access to resources via authenticated endpoints. To use our APIs, your application will make HTTPS requests. By default, the request and response format is JSON, but you can use other code formats. Your methods will be the standard HTTPS such as POST and GET.

Express Debit APIs

In the table below, study up on our APIs, their capabilities and applications.

AuthGenerate a bearer access tokenAuthentication
Payment RequestsCollect a pay-in from your customerPlayers fundings their wallet (deposits)
PaymentsInitiate a pay-out or reimbursement to your customerPlayers withdrawing from their wallet (withdrawals)

Auth API

Auth creates a Bearer Access Token. You will need a Bearer Access Token and an API Key to call our Payment Requests and Payments APIs.

Payment Requests API

Payment Requests creates an Interac e-Transfer Request Money payment. This API is used to collect a pay-in from your customer.

Payments API

Payments creates an Interac e-Transfer Send Money payment. This API is used to initiate a pay-out or reimbursement to your customer.